gov-on-bikeOff-highway vehicles (OHVs) are often used by sportsmen to access the places they hunt and fish and are a legitimate use of our public lands. Everyone who uses a motorized vehicle off-road on public lands has the responsibility of remaining within designated routes and areas.


At some level, we are all motorized users. Whether we use an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) on motorized trails designated for vehicles less than 48 inches in width, a trail bike on motorized single-track trails or a full-size 4-wheel drive on Forest Service roads, we all have to take ownership of our actions and do our part to protect reasonable and responsible access.

We believe a designated system of well-maintained roads are essential to hunting and angling on public lands. However, responsible access means that while we will always demand access to our public lands, in some places motorized access may not be in the best interest of hunting and fishing.
Wild, un-roaded areas free of motors provide essential habitat that not only creates a quality outdoor experience, but also creates opportunities for bigger bulls, bigger bucks and better fishing. Balanced access is being able to drive to the edges of large areas of intact habitat, then access the core portions by foot or horseback.