Places We Work


We live, work, hunt and fish all across the nation. We own ATVs and 4x4s and we use these tools to access the country we hunt and fish. We also recognize the importance of protecting the habitat that sustains us and provides us with healthy food for our families. The places we hunt, our public lands, we hold near and dear. From the Okanogan in Washington, to the Clearwater in Idaho, to the Snowy Range of Wyoming. We are working to protect these special places that have fed our families for generations.

Our members come from places like Taos, New Mexico, Vernal, Utah, Banner Elk, North Carolina, and Pony, Montana. We call home the Rockies, the Sierras and the Cascades.

Using these areas is important to us. As sportsmen and women we want to demonstrate that OHVs can be used appropriately and can be a valuable tool to help down an elk or land that fish. But we also recognize that there are places too important to the wildlife we depend on to see them damaged by abuse.

Currently, SRR is engaged in many states, including Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Tennessee, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Washington, North Carolina, Oregon and others. In these states, we meet with public officials, agencies, politicians and others to ensure that sportsmen have a voice and a place at the table when it comes to motorized access.