Sportsmen Ride Right Principles:


A large number of sportsmen/women use off-highway vehicles (OHVs) to hunt and fish on public lands in the United States.  As sportsmen and women, we have the most to gain by doing it “right.”  To this end, our coalition advocates the following principles to champion responsible OHV use, and, more importantly, secure a strong sporting heritage for future generations.


1.  Off highway vehicles (OHVs) are often used by sportsmen to access the places they hunt and fish and are a legitimate use of our public lands. Everyone who uses a motorized vehicle off-road on public lands has the responsibility of remaining within designated routes and areas.


2.  Sportsmen and others who use OHVs on public lands have an obligation to protect fish and wildlife habitat.


3.  Adequate education and enforcement, including a universal requirement that all OHVs have an easily recognizable form of visible identification, are essential to ensuring responsible OHV use and effective management.


4.  Revenue derived from OHV permits and registration should be utilized exclusively for OHV education, enforcement, signage, and trail construction, restoration and maintenance.


5.  Designated routes and areas are a central component of effective OHV management on public lands, and are essential to protecting the fish and wildlife for high quality fishing and hunting.