The overall health of a watershed begins on the hilltops and includes the entire ecosystem within any particular river basin. If one component of that hypothetical river basin is compromised, then the health of the entire watershed is in jeopardy. The conservation and protection of complete ecosystems and the overall health of the habitat are of paramount importance to Sportsmen Ride Right.

By its very nature, OHV use can and does – at times – negatively affect the overall health of a particular ecosystem. Soil erosion, habitat fragmentation, introduction of invasive plant species/pollutants and noise impacts are but a few of the considerations that we, the OHV-using sporting community, need to carefully consider.

Across the country, SRR partners are extremely active in numerous OHV-related restoration projects. We appreciate and recognize reasonable and adequate access into our public lands and will continue to advocate for sensible route systems. At the same time, we want to make sure that access (especially unauthorized, user-created access) does not compromise the integrity of any particular ecosystem.

Our nationwide OHV-related restoration projects (both independent and in conjunction with other conservation groups) currently include a variety of scenarios. Our projects range from basic route maintenance, erosion mitigation and bridge building to obliteration of unauthorized user-created routes.

If you are interested in an OHV-related restoration project in your particular area, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist your sportsman’s OHV community on a localized plan of action.