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Why Join SRR?  Because the future of our sport is counting on your support and personal involvement…

Until now, the voice of the sportsman has been missing from the picture when it comes to habitat and motorized access on public lands. Instead, the motorized community has been represented by those who ride for fun and recreation while those of us who use OHVs as a means to an end have been visibly absent. No more.

At times, the affiliation of purely recreational riders focuses almost exclusively on championing open, unrestricted access  – often at the expense of recognizing and protecting the integrity of our public lands hunting and fishing resources.


The sportsman-based OHV community on the other hand, strives to temper reasonable access with responsible stewardship. In the end, we as a bi-partisan sportsmen’s OHV community, want to be able reach the fringe of our favorite hunting or fishing spots, but not fragment and destroy our cherished resources in the process. Savvy sportsmen realize that over-access jeopardizes quality hunting and fishing opportunities. OHV play areas simply are not good hunting by their very nature.

Furthermore, we as sportsmen appreciate and recognize that OHV access into public lands is a privilege that we need to take very seriously. If we abuse this privilege, we will undoubtedly ultimately lose it. As majority stakeholders in the overall OHV community, we want to become the diplomatic ambassadors of our sport and take the lead in a pragmatic, common-sense, open-minded approach to OHV access and overall use on public lands.

The way to keep public lands hunting and fishing opportunities viable and outstanding in any particular region is by the direct involvement of the sportsmen who frequently use those resources. SRR is a local, grassroots OHV sportsman’s movement in your favorite neck of the woods. We want you and your fellow sportsmen to become the OHV ambassadors and spokespeople throughout your public lands hunting and fishing haunts. We’re here to help you direct your local and federal land managers to administer your resources in a way that best optimizes your hunting and fishing opportunities.

With this in mind, we urge all of you to join us in our cause. We, an OHV-based sportsman’s alliance, need to become a stand-alone voice within the overall OHV community. In order to empower ourselves, we need your individual support. The more we grow, the stronger our platform will be when it comes to OHV-related access and stewardship policies both on a state wide and national front. It’s as simple as Democracy; strength in numbers. Do you have a friend who rides? Let them know about SRR.

Not only do we need your on-the- ground support, but we greatly value your individual opinions. We want to know where you stand on the issues that we address. SRR fully intends to be your personal sounding board in the arena of OHV use on public lands. Ultimately, SRR is your sportsman’s voice.

It does not cost anything to join SRR. Sign up to support our mission and principles and we will work to keep you informed on the Web site and through email about issues around motorized access, habitat protection, hunting and fishing.

While we don’t require any type of membership fee or dues, if you believe in what we are trying to accomplish, offer to be a volunteer or send us a check.

SRR urges all of you to join our cause – for the sake of the future of our beloved sport…


Sportsmen Ride Right is a non-profit coalition of sportsmen, hunting and angling groups and outdoor-oriented businesses. We want to keep you informed about what’s happening with motorized access as it relates to hunting and fishing. All addresses, email addresses and phone numbers collected from our websites are for SRR’s use only, and will not be shared, rented or sold. We will not engage members for solicitation of a product or service via email, and under no circumstances will SRR make a member’s email address or phone number available to outside parties.